The London Riots: The Big Picture

This London foolishness is jaw dropping.  By now the world has witnessed the wholesale destruction, the loss of property and the wanton lawlessness.

What stands out to me amidst this unrest is that the rioters are destroying their own neighborhoods.  Unfortunately once those stores and houses are burned to the ground, there won't be businesspeople lining up to invest to rebuild them.

Trust me on this one.

There are swaths of the south and west sides that haven't "come back" from unrest in the late 60's. What makes the rioting Londoners think that this momentary burst of short sighted behavior is going to benefit them in the long run? Or maybe that's the thing---they're not thinking. Perhaps there is no cause.

Because once the fires have burned and the dust has settled, you'll still have the same issues plus no place to live or shop. By the time you realized you played yourself, it will be too late.

Perhaps the Dead Kennedys said it best: "Tomorrow you're homeless/Tonight it's a blast"





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