For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---When Your Neighborhood Becomes The Party "Spot."

Imagine coming home from your waitressing shift on a Saturday night to  find this going on next door?


Or a multi Saturday "Juke Jam" potentially bringing hundreds of high school students within steps of your front door?

My neighbors and I have seen fights, loud intoxicated partiers, people engaged in sex, liquor bottles and so many Popeyes three piece dinners that we can't even keep track of it anymore.

Let's not even discuss the used condoms.

The fact that this establishment exists in a RM-5 zoned neighborhood across the street from a school is bad enough; the fact that the building is owned by a non-profit makes it even worse.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start this from the beginning.


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  • Well, at least proteced "relations" is taking place. Unfortunately the location is not in oorder. Has the alderman been informed of this issue? Does this need to go to a higher authority?

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