Mob Attacks Should Bring Focus Back To South & West Sides

Mob Attacks Should Bring Focus Back To South & West Sides

Now that shocking random violence has come to some of our city's toniest neighborhoods, can we all put our heads together to find a solution?

By the way, a mob of children attacking innocent bystanders in Chicago is nothing new.

What has grabbed the city's and the nation's attention is where the acts of violence are taking place.

Several prominent journalists have already reported on the mob phenomena occurring with such frequency on the south and west sides that there is no reason to belabor the point

If reading the message boards of Chicago's media outlets are any indication, it's abundantly clear that a majority of people who care to comment have written off the south & west sides of the city and the people that live in them.

Unfortunately, a true citywide solution is also swept away within those blanket dismissals and generalizations.

Because as any south or west sider can tell you, what happens in my neighborhood will sooner or later happen in your neighborhood.  You can attempt to outrun crime or drugs by moving but it will find you.

Soon you'll have nowhere left to run.

So instead of saying "Send them back to their own neighborhoods" or some equally incendiary utterance, perhaps we should work together as Chicagoans to find real and lasting answers.

Remember when the widespread mortgage fraud that almost toppled our financial system came to light?  A large part of the Chicagoland area's real estate woes started on the south & west sides; where no one paid attention to the fraudulent appraisals, the straw buyers & the crooked mortgage brokers.

In retrospect it was easy to do because the south & west sides are routinely ignored---except for violent crime stories, drug bust stories and the occasional feel good story.

Why else would someone feel that he could dump bags of a trash on a piece of property he claimed to own in Englewood?  Because he (mistakenly) knew that there would be very few if any consequences for his actions.

So if this will help the rest of my fellow Chicagoans with the concept, think of it this way: The south & west sides are harbingers of what's to come. If mortgage fraud runs rampant and destabilizes my neighborhood, yours very well may be next.

If mobs of poorly behaved children attack my neighbor, your neighbor very well may be next.

So now that the north side has a better perspective on south & west side realities, is something going to be done about it or will it continued to be ignored?


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  • In reply to hjkyudge:

    Major difference between neighborhood HS violence and intentionally traveling and targeting people in another side of the city. This is premeditated racial mob attacks.

    The issue is that social program funding is at an all time high, and it has done nothing. Everyone does not need to focus on the south and west sides, the people that live on the south and west sides need to focus on their communities. To say that this is not premeditated black on white crime is not addressing hte real problem.

    Unfortunately, social program funding will be cut dramatically in the next few years, and there will be hundreds of black youth going to jail. I have to focus on my community, my family and my safety. I wish other peopel would take the same initiative i have in my neighborhood.

    Writer: What have you done in your neighborhood, besides tell other people that they need to fix someone elses problem?

  • In reply to Citytrekker:

    Also, we are not running. If you haven't noticed in the attacks the white people are fighting back. One day one of the white guys will have a gun and make headlines.

    We are not scared white people. We are intelligent hard working white people that think that a large percentage of black in chicago are lazy freeloaders with no family values. Nothing this summer has helped that image.

  • In reply to Citytrekker:

    All the more tragic that we have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. If these mooks knew that they risked getting their balls shot off the next time they tried a little "flash mob" action the whole phenomenon would dissipate but fast.

  • yet another post about this situation that offers zero solutions but somehow implicates the good part of Chicago as not having come up with a solution to deal with the bad part.

    how about we just admit that regardless what of our address says, there are actually two societies: one that goes to work every day and tucks their kids into bed every night; and another that 'hangs out' and collects welfare checks and foodstamps.

    how about the parents in those neighborhoods starting to take some responsibility. how about having a law, applicable to all U.S. citizens that says if a minor commits a crime, both the minor and the parent do the time.

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