Just Because You're Gay Doesn't Mean You Can Touch My Breasts

Happy Pride! Now get your hands off my rack. The gay gropers were out in force at the Pride parade yesterday.

You know who they are; they're the gay guys who cannot imagine keeping their hands off a woman's breasts after they've had a few drinks.

And the very act of motorboating sends them into a tizzy.

The expectation is that all should be forgiven because groper is gay and simply showing appreciation for the female form.

It has been my experience that being a gay man does not preclude you from being fascinated by a woman's breasts; yet the difference is that if a straight man grabbed a woman the way some gay men do, he'd be arrested.

Gentlemen, let me put you on notice. It's not okay to grab me and being gay is no excuse.

Two young men standing with our group watching the parade thought it would be a great idea to use me as their personal squeeze toy. Despite my repeated orders for them to stop, they kept grabbing anyway.

I'm not much of a "touchy-feely" type of person to begin with so you can imagine how thrilled I was getting felt up by two over served acquaintances.

If it wasn't for the quick actions of another friend there would have been a serious brouhaha needing police intervention.

Because I was getting ready to teach those gentlemen the meaning of no means no.

I'll be the first to admit that when I was a 20 something, gay men grabbing my breasts was a regular occurrence that I did little to discourage.

Yet as I aged I realized a few things---Having some man I barely know come up and grab my breasts is not an acceptable greeting. It objectifies me and reinforces a stereotype that women are playthings. Furthermore, my (at the time) permissive attitude could possibly set me up for more negative attention from anyone who just wanted to cop a feel.

So I decided many years ago that the girls were off limits unless you have my express permission.

I respect and support my fellow Americans that happen to be gay to live proud and productive lives out of the closet.

I just don't think you need to have my breasts in your hands to do so.



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  • Personal space much? I have a theory that a many of these flamboyant gropers who grab on women they barley know are actually bisexuals or possibly even straight men just trying to cop a feel since as you mentioned many young women are willing to look over it so long as they think the perpetrator is homosexual.

  • In reply to Dell80:

    Gee. Ya think?

  • In reply to Dell80:

    I'm not gay but my friend is, and I saw him do this while drunk, and it was awkward and totally out of line. There's a lot of reasons why he might like grabbing them, but the suggestion that he's bi or straight posing as gay to "cop a feel" seems implausible.

  • In reply to Dell80:

    I'm soooooo with you!!!!!!! Why is it that being gay makes it alright to touch??? I didn't get the girls grabbed but I did get a gay man who decided it was simply hilarious to play with my hair.


    How would he have liked me to grab his junk & find it funny to twist??? Or how funny is it when I tweak your new hairline creation sprouts???

    Personal space people!!! It goes both ways!!! & I'm bitch enough to prove my point.

  • In reply to Dell80:

    YES! This! Drag queens are the worst. They practically want to hump you while talking about eyeliner. Love the gays, hate the boob thing.

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    Evidently there's no 'high road' here.

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    "Any of you homos touch me, I'll kill ya. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill ya."


  • In reply to Dell80:

    Hmmm....am I wrong but don't gay guys NOT like women? period.

  • In reply to Dell80:

    Free Mustache Rides!

  • In reply to Dell80:

    The invasion of personal space is a Chicago problem in general. It's not like this where I'm from. As a GWM, I'm quite amazed at the infatuation the gays have with the females here. The "gay" bars are filled with more females than males. You shouldn't put up with being groped, I've had to put many in there place regarding that issue here. On the other hand, again, why are all these straight females hanging out with gay males? I do believe they're lacking attention in other areas of their lives. Need to get one of your own. Sorry.

  • Hi,
    My name is Damian, and I am a gay groper.........
    My story begins when Jenny broke her finger nail....oh, wait, y`all.....I am not sure if I can share my inner most thoughts without permission of my personal psychologist Dell80 (again, when and where did you get your Ph.D. in behavioral studies?) A theory on flamboyant, boob-grabbing gays, seriously?!
    If not you, then I guess, I should at least consult my confession with my AA sponsor, Seth. Dude, if I was drunk when you saw me boob-grabbing.... believe me, you haven't seen anything in your life, yet..or maybe you have, but were too drunk to remember

    But hey!, lets be serious here ...
    It was a very upsetting event for our lovely Blogger, L. and I want to apologize for it once again, even though I did right there and then). Hopefully, it won't negatively affect our future possible interactions

    Ps. FYI, borg.... my "junk" got grabbed and twisted many many times during the Parade and after. To be fair, my "junk" did look durn good and grabby-irresistable, especially in those short-short shorts... and I am pretty enough to put them on again and show it to you.... to prove MY point.... :)

    Lyletta, Dear...once again, I am truly and utterly sorry!

    "Overserved acquaintance" - Adjuster - Damian

  • "Yet as I aged I realized a few things---Having some man I barely know come up and grab my breasts is not an acceptable greeting. It objectifies me and reinforces a stereotype that women are playthings."

    Damn gays, always objectifying and oppressing the helpless lol

    Aged indeed.

  • It is a sign of appreciation and respect! Just kidding, I am not sure why we do; I have done a couple of times and trust me I AM GAY! It's almost like a fascination more than anything; though never-the-less completely inappropriate! So, to all the ladies whose boobs I have cupped, fondled or squeezed: My apologies! But that's the risk when you come over for one of my dinner parties! ;-)

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