Is The Housing & Foreclosure Crisis Really Over?

If you listen to the news, much has been said about our country's slow & fragile recovery from the "great recession."

But I seriously wonder how much recovery is actually going on.

Things seem to be getting better:  You hear announcements about job growth and upticks in consumer spending, yet I personally know that corporate lay offs are still happening.

It seems like I hear weekly accounts about another friend losing their job.

The million dollare question is what are the banks going to do with all of their housing inventory?  How are neighborhoods supposed to recover?  What about home values?

More importantly, what happens if all of these foreclosed upon homes flood the market at or near the same time?  Won't that further depress home prices?  Could it possibly lead to a "double dip recession?"

As it turns out, some of these foreclosures shouldn't have even happened

Is this crisis realy over?  What's the next move?  


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  • Everyone contact your federal senator/reps and the republicans and tell them u support cutting of the HUD budget. Cut the budget so that there is only enough for seniors, the disabled, and returning vets. Also tell everyone you know and in community meetings. You don't have to vote for the republicans, just let them know that they have your support for these cuts. The budget cuts will Force CHA to sell their public housing to the private market and there will be less section 8 in your area raising property values.

    Black people should be the most vocal of everyone as our areas are used as areas to dump them(section 8 public housing). THEN PEOPLE ALWAYS WONDER WHY THE BLACK AREAS OF TOWN ARE ALWAYS THE SLUMS. The black politicans don't care about the black community they only care about their power. They continue to undermine progress and blame racism for the non progress , while they are the actual problem. Lets vote based on candiates who will represent our interest whether they be gay, lesbian, republican, green party, white, asian etc.

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