Easter Itinerary----Easter Week Follies, Part 3

Easter Itinerary----Easter Week Follies, Part 3

This was originally posted on April 11, 2010.


When I was a child, Easter was a crazy long day that started on a cold, wet hill in a park and ended in a hair war.  The schedule below is representative of the mayhem. 

 3:00 AM    Wake up for Sunrise Service, henceforth known as S2.

 3:45 AM    Leave for S2 with rollers in hair and two changes of clothes.

 4:15 AM    Arrive at S2 location, immediately fall asleep in lawn chair.

 4:55 AM     Get nudged awake for the beginning of the service.

 5:00 AM     S2 starts.

 5:05 AM     Fall asleep again.

 5:20 AM     Get nudged awake for snoring during the service.  Given the "eye" by my mother.

 5:30 AM     Wondering why the interpretive dance lady hasn't slipped on the dewy grass.

 5:35 AM     Asleep again.

 5:40 AM     Nudged awake by sister. Evil eye from mother is replaced with a downright stare.

 6:00 AM     S2 service is over.  Headed to church to cook and serve Easter breakfast.

 6:20 AM     Arrive at church. Note:  Rollers are still in my hair.

 7:00 AM     Become disinterested in Easter breakfast when the need to eat overwhelms goal of raising money for youth group.  A plate of sausage and hash brown soon follows.

 8:00 AM     Reeking of fried meat, I begin to think of getting dressed for Sunday School.

 8:20 AM     Mother now makes me get dressed for Sunday School.

 8:50 AM     Dressed for Sunday School.  Note:  Rollers are out and "press and curl" has survived a dewy Sunrise Service and working the Easter breakfast.  My hair now looks like a mini version of James Brown's pompadour---my preferred look.  Black girl 1, hair 0.

 9:00 AM     Sunday School starts.

 9:15 AM     Easter speech is delivered.  I remeber to curtsy when finished.

10:15 AM    Church Easter baskets are distributed.  Candy hording and trading begin immediately.  Ironically, black jelly beans are the most heavily discriminated against out of all of the candies.

10:30 AM    Sunday School is over.  The sound of black patent leather shoes on wooden floors can be heard for blocks.

11:00 AM    Church starts.  Note:  This also happens to be a first Sunday.

11:10 AM    Asleep in pew.

11:20 AM    Woken up by Senior Choir's "A" selection.

11:21 AM    Given the "eye" by mother again from the choir loft.

11:30 AM    Carefully scan the packed church for the finalist for "Best Dressed" award; particularly enamored with rhinestone embellishment on pantyhose.  Begin sneaking candy.

12:00 PM    Sermon begins.  Back asleep.

12:40 PM    Pulled to my feet from a deep sleep as "Hallelujah Chorus" begins.

12:55 PM    Preparations begin for communion.  It is the 1st Sunday in the month you know.

 1:10 PM    At altar for communion.  The blessed Matzos and grape juice are so yummy a life long obsession with flat bread and heavily sugared juice drinks is formed.

 1:15 PM    Back in pew.  Sneaking more jelly beans.

 1:30 PM    Church is finally over!  Heading downstairs for 1st Sunday fellowship.

 1:35 PM    Standing at the table awaiting the arrival of frappe and warm Dainty Maid bread with the cinnamon sugar crust. 

 1:36 PM    Shooed away from the table by member of Missionary Society.  Apparently it's rude to hover.

 1:45 PM    Finally have a glass of frappe and Dainty Maid bread in hand.  So thrilled I don't notice what the humidity has started doing to my hair.

 2:10 PM    Pass by a mirror, humidity is winning the battle.  Black girl 1, hair 1.  Don't really care as the high from the combined sources of sugar start to kick in.

 2:20 PM    Hair's descent into craziness is complete.  I went from a James Brown pompadour to a Jimmy Hendrix 'fro in a matter of minutes.  Hair is declared the winner on TKO.

 2:30 PM    Leave church---marathon day is complete.  Mother inspects my appearance before we get into the car and seems amazed that my "Sunday best" is still clean.  Yet she seems to be leaning toward an afro puff hairstyle for me during the week.  Sighs heavily.

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