The Homicide Next Door

The Homicide Next Door

The comments in blue were taken from my Facebook feed as the events next door

Our block is very quiet.

So the screams I heard around 8:13 last night
were more than a little out of place.  In our corner of Woodlawn, there
isn't much activity on our street on a weeknight.

A hysterical young woman was on the street screaming "I can't believe
she's gone." 

5 minutes ago, I heard blood curdling screams outside on the street. Now there
is a blue & white and a fire truck outside the building next door.

My stomach dropped.

Within minutes, a fire truck and several blue & whites were outside.  After a few minutes more the street was completely blocked off; an
ambulance & many other officers joined the scene. 

SUV's, 7 blue & whites, ass loads of cops (at least 20) on the street, a
guy who was crying in cuffs, firetruck, ambulance. It's effing chaos over

Unfortunately, all of this unfolded at the building next door so I could stand
on my balcony and have a bird's eye view of what was happening.  When I
saw someone with the yellow crime scene tape walk in the building I knew
something really bad had happened.

I just didn't have the details.

A young man who was loudly sobbing was eventually surrounded by officers,
handcuffed and taken away.  Why, I don't know.  He didn't seem to be
causing any trouble.

the owners of the building just showed up...I wish I had a scanner right about

As the evening progressed it seemed that more & more of my neighbors next
door were on the street in the cold as the police did their job. 

When the Forensic Services truck came on the scene about an hour and a half
later, I knew it was going to be a long night for my neighbors.  By the time I finally went to bed around
11:30, people were still standing outside. 

people on the street. The "Forensic Services" truck is blocking off
one end of our block. F*ck!

would seem since the shooting of the evidence tech late last year, the forensic
team now has several other officers watching their backs. It appears that
everyone who lives in the building next door is on the street until they finish
their job

At this
point, all I know was gleaned from a blurb in the Tribune & the fact that there
are two news trucks (NBC 5 & WGN) sitting outside.

Based on the apartment that the news crews shot, I think I may know the victim.

I'm praying that they're wrong.


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  • A very sad story nicely told.

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