Mayor Elect Emanuel---Condo Owners Need Help Too.

Mayor Elect Emanuel,

In case no one on your transition team told you, condo owners of all stripes in our city are in a world of hurt. 

Questionable developers + slipshod workmanship + cutting corners + undereducated consumers = a housing nightmare.

The first manifestation is already here; buildings built (or rehabbed) so poorly that fine after fine for building code violations are piling up on some associations.  And let me tell you nothing sucks more than being held fiscally & legally responsible for someone else's shitty work.

When some owners finally extricate themselves from their condos, they'll be so soured to the idea of owning and move out of the city.

Bye bye tax revenues.  Hello boarded up buildings & half built projects.

If you look on the south side where I live, that's already happened.  I strongly suspect that the rest of the city isn't too far behind.

You see Mr. Emanuel I think there's a way out of this. 

If the city came up with a condo association fine management & repair mitigation program I think that could go a long way into turning this bad situation into a win-win for everybody.  Because it's one thing to find out you've been suckered by a shitty developer, it's quite another to attempt to negotiate the hydra called the city government.

Additionally, it's a tad difficult for an association to pay the fines levied by the city when you're trying to get your property up to code. 

Now we all know that these codes were put into place for our protection.  Yet as well intentioned as the laws may be, they need to be adapted for the current economic reality. 

Most condo owners aren't trying to let their property fall apart or trying to dodge their responsibility to the city, their neighbors or their neighborhoods; but negotiating a captial repair project with the Deapartment of Buidlings breathing down your neck is very intimidating.

Because by the time this is officially recognized as a "huge" problem, it already may be too late.

Let's sit down and talk about it.  I'm sure there's a way to work this out.


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