Blizzard Fail: Unplowed Side Streets. Second Class Taxpayers

We survived.  That's the good news.

The blizzard brought out the best in people:  Jean the cab driver (Globe taxi 2110) who gave me a free ride from the grocery store in Hyde Park.  Everyone involved with the CTA who in my opinion went above and beyond to get people home in impossible conditions.  Even ComEd who through some miracle kept the lights on in Woodlawn despite many other neighborhoods going dark.

Unfortunately our side streets haven't fared as well.

If it weren't for the residents of The Woodlawn Organization's Entry House, our street would still be impassible. 

In order for some of the onsite staffers to get to the main arteries, the gentlemen literally dug out a path from Blackstone to Stony Island over the course of several hours.

I also paid one of the men to dig out a car that I borrowed.

This neighborhood owes them a debt and I for one say "Thank You."

My issue is that as of yesterday 55th Street is mucky but passable.  57th from the drive to Stony was barely plowed and 63rd---a completely different story.

The 63rd Street bus travels south of 63rd to the corner of 64th, turns west on 64th, travels for a block and then turns north onto Blackstone so it can continue it's journey back west on 63rd.  It's a vital turn around on the route.

Clearly it wasn't vital enough as I saw two buses get stuck for an extended period of time yesterday on yet another unplowed side street.

What grinds my gears is it takes 2-4 days to have a plow come down the side streets in my little part of Woodlawn when we have a six inch snowfall, if I see a plow before Saturday, I'll be surprised.

Ironically, plowing will compact the already frozen snow and turn it into an ice rink.  Properly salted?  Forget about it!

Mail delivery?  Not if the trucks can't get down the street.

55th Street may have been plowed out by a service contracted by a neighborhood or civic business group---anything is possible.  In fact, I honestly hope that's the case.  Because if it's isn't, what warrants 55th getting plowed out and 63rd being virtually untouched?

I'm not the person who pisses & moans about my taxes.  It's the price I pay to live in this city, but when I see that the gold coast, parts of the north side & Hyde
Park side streets are plowed out and we sit here paralyzed it
really pisses me off.

As Chicago taxpayers we all bear the brunt of poor choices of our past & present public officials----hello Skyway & Parking Meter deals----and we grumble for a while and go on.  We're the piggy bank that gets rung out every time someone in the public sector makes a boneheaded move.

As a home owning tax paying citizen I strongly suggest that the city get it's head out of it's ass and come up with a "worst case scenario" plan that they publicize for dealing with snow removal on the side streets.  It 's would be better than whatever haphazard plan they have now and it give people some idea on when they'll be plowed out. 
I'm tired of being treated like a second class taxpayer when it comes to snow removal. 

It would be nice if the plow truck came with an ample supply of salt since so we could possibly see the payment before March.

Just a thought.


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  • I am in Roscoe Village and our one-way street hasn't been plowed and our alley is in bad shape. Many neighbors have been shoveling for hours and still no one can get their cars out.

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    I'm not saying that most of us, regardless of where we live in the city, don't get the short end of the stick concerning snow removal. What I am saying is that I'm tired of being treated like a second class taxpayer when city services are desperately needed. Others have noticed as well:

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