Baby, I'm Back!

I'm sorry for my sporadic blogging these past few months. I'm on the precipice of finally getting my mortgage drama under control so you can imagine the amount to effort I had to put into that endeavor. While I'm still waiting for the final paperwork to arrive but it looks that my life is about to finally start to settle down.

I've been [working steadily]( for six months, [Maria]( [Pappas]( isn't mad at me and my utilities are on.

This could be the most drama fee time of my life since 2005. If drama came knocking on my door I'd say take that shit down the street, we're full up here.

That means I can devote time to blogging and entertaining you lovely folks who are so kind to read my humble offerings.

It's been really hard. Not challenging, not difficult but flat out hard. It took a great deal out of me, so much so I was wondering if I was starting to lose what made me---me.
But something happened today to let me know that I'm not down for the count.

I had to run some errands today during lunch and was waiting for a south bound bus to go back to work. A woman who appeared to be homeless and panhandling asked me to come over to her at the bus stop.

I shook my head no.

She let loose a string of explicatives that would make a sailor blush. I believe she questioned my parentage, intelligence and dutifully informed me that she "didn't need my god dammed money."

I guess my smiling face was not the reaction she was looking for as she called me a fucking whore.

As the bus pulled up, I replied "Yes I am!"

I've had many people look at me in disbelief, but she was the first street/homeless person to do so.

I then stepped aside and asked her if she was coming on the bus with me & that I would help her with her packages.

She then took a step back from me and said "Bitch, you crazy. Leave me alone."

And just like that I knew I was okay.

The bitch is back.

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