Unemployment Blues: The Department of Human Services

In order to get a feel for the environment at the Department of Human Services office located at the corner of 63rd & Ingleside, please watch the video below.



Conforming to stereotypes 101---class is in session.

It's important to understand the environment I had to walk into to ask for help.  Sometimes, mere words cannot do a situation and location justice.  You have to see it to believe it.

When you have to ask for the toilet paper along with the key to the bathroom, you realize that you may not be in Kansas anymore.

I'll say this, survival is primary when your unemployment is cut off and there's no hint of a job in sight.

I had to eat.  I had no money.  I went to apply for a LINK card.

I pray that your personal financial situation never gets as perilous as mine was (is?), but if it does and you put your pride aside and apply for assistance, there are a few things you need to know.

Because if you need help from DHS the rule of thumb is to grovel; either in demeanor, dress or deed.

Displays of self respect will be punished accordingly.

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