The (Property) Tax Man

My recent unemployment wasn't without incredible stories, I just didn't feel like writing them down---until now.

I noticed them immediately.

While sitting in a parked car in isn't odd behavior,
it is when you're sitting taking notes and taking pictures.

This behavior is even more disconcerting when
you're pointing the camera lens at my condo building.

One of the few benefits of my unemployment was that
I was around during the day to see what goes on in my neighborhood.

So while I was curious, I really didn't think
anything was amiss until I overheard someone's conversation about how they just
paid their property taxes so their PIN (property index number) wouldn't go on
the tax sale list.

That's when my stomach started to churn.

Out of all of the outstanding bills I was concerned
about; my property taxes had somehow fallen off the radar.

And before you ask, no---I don't escrow.  A bad experience with a few misapplied
payments by a former mortgage company made me weary of having anyone other than
me pay the piper.

Believe it or not, that plan worked pretty
well----until unemployment reared its ugly head.

I knew I had to pay my twice yearly tax bill but its
importance was minimized with each new bill and financial crisis that arose.

That is until I noticed strangers taking pictures of
my home.

And the certified letter came.

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