Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients

You may have noticed that people tiptoe around issues of race in this country.

And for good reason.

One man's joke is another man's insult.

Yet back in the day, Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live walked the line between brilliant satire and scathing commentary.

I am nowhere near as gifted and funny as Mr. Murphy, but the subject of race did pop into my mind yesterday.

I saw an affable and very charming man who happened to be white, panhandle and sell candy on the CTA red line as it headed south of Roosevelt Road.

Now I don't know if anyone else has noticed but when I ride the red line the police are mostly concerned about aggressive panhandling north of the Roosevelt Road stop.  I'm not implying that the laws aren't equally enforced---it's just been my experience that I see them enforced when the train is heading north of that stop.

Yet seeing this panhandler gave me pause.

As the recession continues, I've noticed non-traditional clients in some very traditional south side institutions.

I'm starting to see white people in some places that let's me know we ain't coming out of this economic mess anytime soon.


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