Judgment Day

My sister and I frequently discuss how judgmental I can be.

It's been an ongoing topic for years.

She sees it as judgment; I see it as avoiding the potholes in the road before you bust an axle.

And while we don't see eye to eye, I'm honest about how I feel.  Now honestly doesn't translate into rudeness---that I can't abide---but I believe most of us are a little less than truthful when we say we don't judge others.

As we all know, judgments easily lead down that slippery path to stereotyping which leads to that rudeness thing.

Yet when I try to keep an open mind about other people or situations, 9 times out of 10, it turns out that my "first mind" was right.

You know your "first mind?"  That part of your thought process that makes the snap judgment before your rational mind talks you down.

The longer I walk this earth, the more I give credence to my "first mind."  Its served me well and has kept me out of trouble.

It told me that the newly rehabbed building down the street wouldn't stay nice for very long when I saw the new tenants moving in.

But my rational mind talked my "first mind" down. 

My internal monologues were at war once again.

Rational Me:  "Now you're just being a b*tch.  Just because the tenants moving in are renters and don't look like what you want them to look like doesn't mean that the building is going to go down or that they'll be bad neighbors."

Snap Judgment Me:  "They're moving their stuff in trash bags.  This is not a good sign."

Rational Me:  "Moving is expensive.  Now you're just grasping at straws."

Snap Judgment Me:  "I just don't like the looks of my new neighbors.  I bet you they're Section 8 or CHAC."

Rational Me:  "Now you are a full blown b*tch.  What's wrong with Section 8 or CHAC?  We're all one job loss away from being in public housing.  Not only is one of your good friends in the program---and she's a quality broad---but you live next door to, in your own words, some of the best neighbors you've ever had and THEY'RE a Section 8 building."

"You know, for someone who isn't to the manor born, you really can be a piece of work."

Snap Judgment Me:  **Fuming**

Rational Me may have won the argument but Snap Judgment Me is may very well win the war. 


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