Judgment Day, The Case of the Missing Numbers

In my last post, Snap Judgment me and Rational me were having a bit of a dust up.
Snap Judgment me was highly skeptical of the new neighbors moving into the rehabbed building down the street; while Rational me was willing not to pre-judge.

Yet as my sister pointed out during another conversation, being judgmental is a skill set that keeps you out of trouble in a place like Chicago. 

You have to sum a person up quickly and hopefully correctly in order to avoid some of the unbalanced people you may rub shoulders with every day.

While I never thought of it that way, she's absolutely right---it's a survival skill---especially for women. 

It's not so much how people present themselves; for me, it's the details.

Like the guy who constantly talks about money with his expensive suit and his brand new $60,000 car.  You know the one who treats the service staff at his favorite restaurant like crap and eats close to the table with his elbows out.

Dollars to donuts he probably grew up in with a lot of siblings in diminished circumstances.

It's the little things---dwelling on money, treating the service staff poorly, bad table manners.  It all paints a picture of not only of how you were raised but that you choose not to better yourself. 

In this case, this person chooses to value money over people. 

He delights in making someone's job more difficult.  He gets as much as he can as fast as he can by shoveling his food into his mouth.

It's the same case for my neighbors down the street.

Yeah, the moving in with trash bags raised my eyebrows.  The "interesting" visitors that waited outside on the stoop didn't do anything to quiet Snap Judgment me.

Yet when some of the numbers on the brass address plaques disappeared, I knew that Snap Judgment me may have know what she was talking about.

I'm talking about those beautiful heavy brass address plaques that cost a pretty penny.

There was one for each side of the six flat. 

One day they each had four numbers a piece, later on in the week they had two digits each.    
Now I know that there could be several plausible and reasonable explanations to what happened to the missing digits.

But I think that's Rational me trying to make excuses for something that I already know but can't prove. 


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  • Hi Lyletta - I totally resonate with what you're talking about here and your previous post. It's so hard to not go with your judgment, and yet, like you said, you have judgments for a reason. They do keep us safe, a lot of the time, especially as women. I'm glad you recognize that, because I think it's something men don't understand as much.

    Mostly, I'm just excited to have found your blog. I'm really looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for your great, honest post.

  • Megan,
    Thanks for the encouragement. We all are but temporary stewards of our individual neighborhoods. It's our duty to keep them at their best.

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