This Too Shall Pass

Unemployment blows.

I'm going into month nine of my second layoff.

For those of you who have been through a layoff, you know keeping your head up during a job search can be challenging.

Obviously I have other responsibilities to tend to while job hunting.  One of them is dealing with the squirrels that have taken up residence inside of my walls.

Truthfully, multiple families of squirrels have taken up residence in the walls of several units---not just mine.

You see that's what happens when you have a developer that cuts corners.  Your roof starts coming apart and nature's little fluffy tailed scavengers are your new roommates.

And they don't help you out with any bills.

Unfortunately ,today has been a very active day for them---they've been running and tumbling.  Reminding me that I need to call and get additional pest control companies to come out and give us removal estimates.

So as a Facebook status I posted the following: 

"Squirrels are the bane of my existence."

That remark prompted an old family friend to post the following reply:

"One day when I worked for the Salvation Army (!) I was out smoking my
lunch in the park.  In a circular area; across from me was a couple,
tourists probably, feeding the squirrels. There were 2 of those fluffy
rats and one kept taking the peanuts & showing off and the other one
stayed low to the ground and seemed more cautious. As I was watching, a
hawk came through the trees & grabbed the showoff.  He flew so close that I could feel the wind from beneath his wings...really.
The she-tourist was screaming and the other fluffy rat was now standing
up trying to get the whole bag of nuts from her hand. I was
laughing my ass off.  Not just because I was stoned but because God shows us his will in the fucking funniest ways. Don't show off! Keep
your head down until the showoffs get taken away kicking and screaming,
then go for the whole bag, not just a few peanuts! Or at least I think
that was the message

That made me laugh out loud.

More importantly my family friend reminded me that the squirrels and the unemployment will, in good time, pass.

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