Double Trouble---Holy Week

All children figdet in church. 

The thought of being immobile and quiet for an hour or two can be just too much to take for a little person.

It is only through learned discipline (read: parents) that little people stop wiggling in their seats.

Now that's just one church service once a week.

Now consider sitting through a full Catholic holy week for school, Seven Last Words Service on Good Friday and a 12 plus hour Easter Sunday.

In the scheme of things it wasn't abuse but it really felt like it at the time.

Because despite what Hollywood wants to portray, our church wasn't this fun:


I wish James Brown and Chaka Khan went to my childhood church.

Just because I wasn't Catholic didn't mean I was exempted from class religious obligations. I was right there with the rest of my classmates when we did the Stations of the Cross.

Or attend Holy Thursday mass during the middle of the school day.

But the real fun came when school was out on Good Friday

That's when my sister and I had to attend the annual Seven Last Words service at our actual church.

Seven Last Words is a marathon, all day church service where different speakers---usually guest pastors---give a FULL SERMON on one of the seven last word Christ allegedly spoke on the cross.

It's brutal to sit through as an adult.  So imagine the challenge it would be to sit through the entire service as a child?

Hell, it's worse than sitting through Watch Night.

The silver lining to the Seven Last Words service is at least you know you're in the home stretch of Holy Week with two more days to go.

If you can make it through Easter Sunday, you can make it through anything.



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