My condo association has been through hell over the past eight years.

Crumbling back porches, special assessments, digging ourselves out a financial hole, multiple foreclosures---we've seen it all.

Yet despite the drama and the infighting, we've managed to keep it together---barely.

Still greater challenges loom ahead, obstacles that once again seem insurmountable.  Putting together a list of home repair needs is one thing, paying for them is quite another.

Fortunately for us, a letter came in the mail informing us of the Tax Increment Finance Neighborhood Improvement Program.

From the way the letter read, it seemed like condominium owners couldn't take advantage of the program so I called the contact person to do some due diligence.

The rant was building up inside about how unfair it was that condo owners couldn't take advantage of the program as we pay taxes as well and the program was discriminatory. 

It turns out that I got my knickers all in a twist about nothing.  Condo owners could apply and were encouraged to do so.

Good thing I got clarification before I popped off.

I sent an e-mail to my neighbors and about seven owners attended the informational meeting.  Those who qualified sent in their applications.

As of this writing, three of us have received award letters.

When I say this is like manna from heaven--- you have no idea how badly we need this money. Furthermore, the last thing I need in my financial life is another special assessment. 

Most people seem to think that blessings are unexpected benefits.

I'm here to tell you that we work really hard for ours.


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  • I found you! Was great to see you at the Chicagonow Tweetup last night!

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