Back In The Day

I had fun on the ChicagoNow radio program last Saturday

Sarah Spain certainly did her research based on my ChicagoNow posts and was 100% prepared.

I thought we had a good conversation but I could have stayed on for at least an hour with the stories I have to tell.  Who knows, perhaps I'll be asked back in the future.

But it did occur to me that others, like Sarah, may not be familiar with all of my posts prior to coming over to ChicagoNow.

For those of you who have literally been reading since 2005, you get it---we've been on this road together.

But for the majority of you who are just being introduced to I Hate My Developer, it occurred to me you might need to be caught up on a few of the earlier 675 posts.

So I'll be republishing key posts from the 1.0 version of the blog so you have a snap shot of what had happened in the early years.

'Cause baby, it really does read like a soap opera---minus the dramatic pauses for commercial breaks. 

The posts will appear with their original titles and I will indicate that they are from my earlier blog with their initial publishing dates. 

Then you might understand why I'm pissed.

And between you and me, I think more of you need to be pissed. 

Not in that "Tea Party" movement type of way but in that I'm going to politely (and firmly) question the status quo type of way.

I'm just doing it with respect to condominium consumer protections and my 'hood.

It's not popular to be "a hater" these days.

When you think about the phrase it really does have negative connotations.

Yet I say the phrase and the meaning needs to be shaken up and turned on its head for a positive spin

Hate entire neighborhoods are being held hostage by criminals. 

Hate crappy absentee landlords and slumlords.

Hate that we will hear about several drive by slayings of innocent victims before Labor Day.

Hate that some elected officials aren't truly rallying for their constituents.

Get pissed.  

Perhaps all of that "hating" can result in a lasting positive change.


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