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I am the sober mom

It would seem I’m in the minority.  It would seem I am alone in the sea of cute bedazzled wine glasses and happy hours with pedicured feet, beer cozies and a pool view. I am the sober mom.  I am a mom and I don’t drink.  I am the mom who CANNOT drink.  For you... Read more »

Happy First Birthday to My Twins

One year ago I posted this picture.  My shortest and most viewed post to date.  We used their faces as newborns because they all look alike, right?  WINK. Here we are.  One year later.  Can you believe it?  I actually can as I feel like this year hasn’t gone too quickly or too slowly, it’s been... Read more »

If Life Were Fair, I Would Be Dead

Happiness is not our right. We don’t have the right to happiness. Stop believing that. Just stop it. We have to work at happiness. It doesn’t just happen. I’m so damn tired of entitlement and people thinking they are owed something by life just by existing. Do some damn work, already. People mope around and act all... Read more »