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The View from the Side

If you sit on the couch with them while watching a program, you can catch it.  The view from the side.  The profile view.  These two kids who, when head on are adorable and challenging and funny and just spitting images of you and your mate, look like completely different kids.  It’s amazing what you... Read more »

Good Morning, My Sunshines

If you would have told me just a few short years ago that mornings, early mornings sunny mornings foggy mornings snowy mornings cold and rainy mornings – ANY MORNINGS – would be my favorite, I would have said, you must be joking. But when you open that door in the morning.  When you walk up... Read more »

Unapologetic Gratitude

The kind of gratitude so big you can feel it almost swallow you whole into a cavernous darkness only to shoot you back out into the light.  It almost hurts.  It almost feels as though you will crumble.  From gratitude.  After years of practice, it’s present at all times.  Even when the outlook is bleak... Read more »

The Scent of Sadness

Just when you need it, just when you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself for some petty reason, a smell enters your nasal cavity unlike any other and without having to look up you know.  You are immediately acquainted with the scent of sadness. You know intuitively that a homeless person is on the... Read more »

Happy First Birthday to My Twins

One year ago I posted this picture.  My shortest and most viewed post to date.  We used their faces as newborns because they all look alike, right?  WINK. Here we are.  One year later.  Can you believe it?  I actually can as I feel like this year hasn’t gone too quickly or too slowly, it’s been... Read more »

All I Want for Christmas is to Stop Crying All the Damn Time

It’s been a wild ride, this past year.  As I think back to a year ago when I was filled to the brim with babies, not yet knowing who they were or what they would look like or HOW THE HELL WERE THEY GOING TO GET OUT OF THERE ANYWAY?  I was at my wit’s end with discomfort... Read more »

A How To Guide on Being Happy

People ask me all the time how I’m so happy.  Or they say, YOU’RE SO GD HAPPY ALL THE TIME HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  It’s not mysterious or elusive.  It’s not something you need to pay a ton of money for or go to seminars or even read self help books to attain.   ... Read more »

Hoping for Just One More Day Sober

Well here we are.  12 years sober today and sometimes feeling exactly as unsure and scared as I did That First Year. I’m going to pause here and STRONGLY recommend reading that last link right there.  It tells the story of what happened when I first got sober that so many of you ask me... Read more »

If Life Were Fair, I Would Be Dead

Happiness is not our right. We don’t have the right to happiness. Stop believing that. Just stop it. We have to work at happiness. It doesn’t just happen. I’m so damn tired of entitlement and people thinking they are owed something by life just by existing. Do some damn work, already. People mope around and act all... Read more »