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Sunday Night Blues

I don’t mind Mondays.  It’s not that.  I quite like Mondays.  For I am a seeker of order and schedules and organization.  Once Monday arrives, I am usually quite content to greet the day and get back to work. However, the Sundays that come before the Mondays.  They are the pits. The Sunday Night Blues.... Read more »

Social Anxiety Can Bite Me

I’m not the coolest chick on the block.  Big shocker I know.  I am not “in the know” about many things.  I never have been.  I’m not the most quick witted responder to posts on facebook or twitter or more importantly at a party – but make no mistake – I do have my moments. ... Read more »

A Perfectly Average Fantastical Day

  It was a beautiful Chicago day.  The kind people talk about when they live here and know are few and far between as we live through a long cold dreary winter.  The blue sky was bright with just a sprinkling of clouds and the air was crisp.  The kind of crisp where you wear a sweatshirt,... Read more »