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19 Sweaty Yet Joyful Things to do in Chicagoland (or anywhere) with Children

Here’s the truth.  We go on a lot of adventures.  This summer in particular because I have a ton of vacation time that I need to use from work or I lose it, so, yes – we go on a lot of adventures.  And there is a lot of sweating because it is HOT.  I... Read more »

Bottle Spotting Bingo

There’s this sick game I play and maybe you do it too. It’s probably mostly alcoholics like me who can spot a bottle a mile away. Like a twisted game of booze bingo.  And then I make up stories of the people who left them there. The discarded. The self medication aftermath. Is there a reason... Read more »

Bedtime Stalling 101

The best part of the Bedtime Stalling 101 Technique is that I CAN HEAR THEM PLOTTING ON THE MONITOR BEFORE THEY COME DOWN TO MY BEDROOM (where I am – within two minutes of their bedtime – fully set up in bed with snacks and Netflix roaring). So I have about 30 seconds each time... Read more »

A Road Trip Story: To the Farm!

We were gone two nights and roughly 3 days.  Baby Gum travels everywhere we do.  And donuts.
We’ve done a couple road trips already this Summer.  One was just the kids and I driving up to Michigan to visit my Lynnie’s sister’s farm. I mean a working, living, breathing, breathtaking, dirty, glorious farm. I don’t know who had more fun – the animals, adults or the kids. The road trip part of... Read more »

I do not ever need to know what substances anybody had in their system when they died thank you very much

Every time someone dies and there’s cause for speculation as to what they died from, I yell and scream and claw my face off. I do not ever need to know what substances anybody had in their system when they died thank you very much. This person died.  That’s all that’s important.  Can we allow... Read more »

Try Not to Cry, Mama: Preschool Graduation

My kids are four years old and they are already onto me.  Whenever there is a sappy commercial or they do something particularly sweet, they know if they look into my eyes they will find them already wet with hot tears. They can see it from across the room now and they get a little dimpled... Read more »

Why do moms think it's ok to scare the crap out of first-time pregnant women?

I had a conversation at preschool drop-off this morning about pregnancy and delivery.  We have these conversations a lot lately because our favorite preschool teacher is pregnant with her first baby.  As is warranted, she’s scared and excited and feeling all the feelings we all do as her delivery date approaches. She said that her... Read more »

Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem

I am no poet, but I present for you to enjoy – Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem School is near over, we soon say good-bye, missing our teacher, we (mommy) will probably cry. We had such a great year, we won’t see our friends again we fear. Reassurance comes in the form of water parties and... Read more »

10 Foolproof Steps to Make a Mom Friend

I MADE A MOM FRIEND TODAY! Because I am now an expert at mom friending, I shall give you 10 foolproof steps to make a mom friend.  You’re welcome. Pay close attention to social media.  When you see pictures pop up on a photographer’s page (who took your family pictures too!) of a cute family that... Read more »

The Pain We Carry While Reaping Great Joy

I’ve been limping around for roughly a month now.  Physically limping, as opposed to emotionally limping, which seems to happen far more often.  Somehow, I sprained my ankle, though I cannot recall how I did it.  It’s part of me now.  My husband keeps telling me to get a brace or to stay off of it... Read more »