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If You Woke Up Today in Disbelief About the Election Results

I am in shock.  I am entirely saddened.  I am angry and confused and feel like I’ve been duped. Because, as my friend Jane wrote last night: This feels like: Fuck you, women don’t matter. Fuck you, black and brown people don’t matter. Fuck you, non-Christians don’t matter. Fuck you, trans and gay and bi... Read more »

When Someone Tells You They Cannot Afford Something, Be Kind

We have extremely kind, caring neighbors.  So much so that I was blindsided yesterday as I was chatting with a neighbor that I don’t know well at all, but she has a daughter around our kids same age and she asked me (right after I told her how excited we are to start park district... Read more »

Alcohol is a Liar and a Thief

I really only identified out loud as an alcoholic when I quit drinking.  Of course I was one long before that happened, but I didn’t admit it and I certainly didn’t say it out loud, let alone with any kind of the pride I carry today. I had one job 15 years ago.  Don’t drink.... Read more »

Camp Mom Goes Into the Woods

This is a cross post blog experiment with dear friend and fellow blogger Sheila from Mary Tyler Mom.  You can read hers HERE. Once upon a time. I wish. It was a glorious Friday morning in Chicago.  The kind that demands you get outside and partake in the fresh air and the beauty that is... Read more »

Snapping Bras on the School Bus - It Is More Than "Boys Will Be Boys"

It started about 4th or 5th grade.  I don’t remember when it hit, exactly, but I know I was young.  It seems that my entire “period of growth” lasted from about 10 years old ending only when I entered high school. Riding the bus was a living nightmare.  We lived in a new neighborhood –... Read more »

Keep Living Until You Feel Alive Again

I look at my social media memories every morning as part of my checks – Email – Check Facebook – Check Twitter – Check Instagram – Check Neko Atsume – MAN THOSE CATS MUST BE HUNGRY – Check Kids – throw some cereal their way – CHECK Today I looked and saw this – As... Read more »

Donna Day 2016 - Take all my Money, St. Baldricks!

Today is Donna Day.  This year is the 5th year I’ve written about sweet Donna and her mama.  My previous posts are here,  here and here.  I really loved those posts.  I love them as much today as I did when I wrote them. But it feels like we keep repeating ourselves.  Let’s work to stop that. I know... Read more »

Grant Each Other the Grace to Feel All the Feelings

My back hurts. My heart longs. My brain aches.  I can’t remember shit. My eyes are getting worse each day. My knees are starting to ache. My belly has given up. I fret about money. I worry about cruelty in this world for ALL our kids and animals.  Including all of us adult kids and... Read more »

I Wrote a Funny Comment on a Humans of New York Post and What Happened Next is a GD TRAVESTY

Yesterday I commented on what was a lighthearted Humans of New York post. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and that comment has gotten 12.5 THOUSAND likes and 250+ comments.  Now.  I left that comment just as a joke as I was leaving work yesterday.  What happened showed me that we should all just pack... Read more »

Some Dude at Fox 32 Telling Women They Shouldn't Wear Hats in Freezing Chicago Weather While On Air

That headline says it all doesn’t it? This article by Robert Feder is making the rounds on my Facebook feed with all my favorite people in Chicago this morning. Dan Salamone, an executive producer at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32, this week told the women who report on “Good Day Chicago” not to wear hats during their outdoor live... Read more »