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Finding the Light of the Sun

One more day.  Just today.  That’s all we have.  This 24 hours will be gone before we know it and what will we have done? That damn sun comes out every morning.  We may not see it, but it’s still there.  It sounds trite and cliche, but it’s a fact.   No matter what is... Read more »

How to be Popular and Win Friends in Mom Groups

I have been added to a few online mom groups since I’ve had these babies.  I’m on a couple twin groups and a couple mom groups in Chicago.  I am on a car seat group and a stroller resale group.  I am on a few online garage sale groups.  I’m even on a couple sober... Read more »

I am so Angry and Tired and Sad but I Refuse to Stop Rising Up

I swear to god the punches just keep on coming. If it’s something good and decent and kind, it will be ripped away right now.  It feels like every good move or victory for empathy and compassion and inclusion has been burned to the ground, or will be soon and I am just holding my... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Simple Pleasures with Little Kids

Today is my favorite. I know, I know.  There’s a lot going on and believe me, I’m weighed down by it all 24/7 just like you, but dammit if what’s right in front of me ain’t too good to be true. The sun was shining this morning in Chicago and as we’ve not had much... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Ice Skating

I’m listening to a Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify as I type this and it brings me right back. Back to when I was a figure skater for many years of my life.  Some pivotal, life changing years. My parents and I spent about a decade in ice rinks and driving around the Chicagoland area... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - The Obamas

Many have written their beautiful tributes to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their girls turned young women as of late.  I was going to let it pass and let others do the thanking for me, but alas, I need to throw my thanks in as well.  If you’re not here for this,... Read more »

Pacifier Addiction: Letting Go of the Paci with the Help of a Pink Build-a-Bear

Our kids just turned four (not sure if you heard). From early on, our girl favored a pacifier (paci), while our boy favored his lovey (Dida). I never really gave a rip what they used while they slept, as long as they weren’t harmful or impacting their health and growth.  All was fine according to dentists... Read more »

Beauty and the Beast Named Anxiety

Always lurking.  Looming.  The looming dread.  The looming fear.  The looming unknown. People say “get out of your comfort zone” and let me tell you that most of my life is spent getting out of my comfort zone because I am never entirely comfortable.  But the difference today is that I know myself enough to know... Read more »

How Do You Make Two Babies? Love, Hope, and Science Worked 4 Years Ago

It was harmless enough. The babes (not yet four years old) and I were driving back from Woodfield Mall 3 days before Christmas (yes, I lost my damn mind), and as we made the 40 minute drive I was pummeled by relentless questioning starting with: “How do you make two babies?” “Well when two people... Read more »

2016 Was a Flaming Pile of Garbage - For This I am Thankful

I can’t seem to form much in the way of a hopeful end of the year post.  2016 can hit the road and take with it all the awful shit it brought our way.  As god awful as this year has been, I’m also thankful for all the hard work, all the hope, all the... Read more »