About Dana Reese

It is always hard for me to fill out "ABOUT ME" pages, but being that you cared enough to click it, here goes:

I am a college senior at Chicago State University, majoring in Communications.  I really don't know what I want to do with my life when it comes to a career; I wanted to be a radio personality, but seeing how the world of radio is drastically changing, I've been thinking about changing my career path.  I'm really interested in writing, maybe becoming an author or blogging full-time.  I do have a radio show that I am debuting on June 5 called The Dana Reese Show.  The Dana Reese Show is a college radio show on WCSU and make sure to tune in!  If you have an Android or an I-Phone, you can listen to me every Tuesdays between 2 - 4 PM via the Tune-In app.