Video Gambling Legalized in Illinois

Video Gambling Legalized in Illinois

Earlier today, it was announced that Illinois is allowing legalized video gambling at restaurants, truck stops, bars, and frat organizations.

Illinois Gaming Board Chairman Aaron Jaffe estimated that around 280 machines in about 70 establishments are already hooked up and waiting for the gamblers.

The launching of legal video gambling machines comes after three years of the first approval of up to five video poker machines to be installed in truck stops, fraternal organizations, and any establishment that holds a valid liquor license.

The lack of staff, reviews of license applications of establishments, and the development of a central computer to monitor the video poker machines throughout Illinois is the blame for the delay.

Revenue from the machines are projected to go toward state improvement projects.

Do you feel that video gambling is as fun and "lucky" as regular slot machines and card tables?  Let me know what you think!

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