Knubby Little Fingers

There hasn't been too much activity on this blog in the past few months, and with good reason. I found and was working two jobs, and was also trying to maintain some semblance of a family life. Furthermore, I felt devoid of any sort of comment to make on the topic of career health.

Recently, though, I've had a lot of conversations obliquely about career health and happiness. Living your dreams. Advancing on goals. And I need to post the few aha moments those conversations revealed.

1) "I'll never make it."

How many times have you thought about the mountain of work you must accomplish to achieve your goals and dreams, and thought to yourself, "I'll never make it?"

It's true, most dreams require nigh-insurmountable efforts to come true. But it's what you want. More than that, it's what you need in order to make it to the end. So put that work in. When it gets tough, flip the I'll-never-make-it around. You'll never make it in what? Compare your dream to what you're doing now. Will you ever "make it" doing what you're doing? Probably not. For two reasons: one, what you're doing is a placeholder until what you desire magically appears, and two,  your ambition lies elsewhere. Without ambition, you cannot succeed. So shift your energies to where your ambition lies. Otherwise, you'll be another life-hating schmuck.

2) Life sucks. You'll have to struggle to stay hopeful.

Last week, I did six minutes of stand up comedy forty miles away from home at a Mexican restaurant with an audience of three. It was a humility show. Why'd I do it? Certainly not because that show was going to make or break my stand up career. I did it because it's about the body of work and the experience, and using all of that to keep driving forward. Because doing six minutes of stand up is better than doing zero minutes of stand up.

Yeah, life sucks. It's hard. Chasing dreams and working towards goals is more often soul-crushing than inspirational. But to make your way to your dream, you've gotta latch onto whatever ounce of hope you can and wring it until your knubby little fingers ache.

3) No one is going to pay you to make your dream happen.

That mountain, those obstacles to achieving the things you need, it's never going to go away or get smaller. If you stop before you start, you're stuck. So, you've got to write and create with every spare moment you've got, because without generating content you can never sell content. Or make a business plan. Or whatever work you've got to do.

It's better to just do the thing of your dreams and hope that one day the project you're working on will make you some money than to wait until someone promises you money to start it. Climb the mountain, don't get buried under it.

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