The End of The Beginning, And The Start of Something New


Last week's relentless interruptions to my routine ended up collectively as the harbinger of good things. Friday, I received an offer for a contract-to-hire position with a good company doing the right kind of work with a team of people I genuinely seem to like.

Does that mean this blog is obsolete? Certainly not. I'll consider myself marginally employed at best until such time as I'm taken on permanently by this company. Furthermore, there's so much more to share about my experience, and hopefully hear back about other people's experiences, that the greater purpose of this blog is valid and valuable carrying on. Furthermore, writing this blog will serve as a reminder that landing a job isn't the destination, it's the beginning of the journey.

Yesterday, I told some friends of mine about my part-time retail job, and some of them reacted as if I'd decided to start stripping at a freeway fast stop with the stage name Cherrie Stems. The shame, the shame, how could I possibly bear the soul-wilting shame of a retail job?! My question: what's to be ashamed of? I can either sit around the house driving myself to madness over finding a job, or I can take the part time job that's come my way. Aside from that, I'm a massive tech nerd and I'll be selling all sorts of techie stuff. Yesterday was my official new hire orientation, and so help me, the job is going to be fun.

The stunned gasps of horror from those friends of mine who don't seem to get the concept of 9% unemployment and 44 week average job hunt just made me grin in a way that I'm sure forced them to previously undiscovered levels of condescension. Honestly, I suppose anyone who's never stared down desperation can afford that kind of sense of entitlement. The rest of us, though, can't. Aside from the income, there's a motivational bump that comes from landing a job. Any job. Yet one more reason to say, "If I can get this, I can get something else, too." Besides, working a part-time job can only help in terms of time management and productivity.

From The Beginning, that's the kind of thinking that's kept me moving forward, allowed me to stay positive and see the benefits of my situation. It's another way to keep my focus on the future and not the past, and distract me from the haunting desire to exact furious vengeance upon my previous filthy rotten scum liar employer. It's undeniable that this mindset has benefitted me, considering the six-week job hunt. My main concern right now, actually, is whether or not I should continue job hunting just to hedge my bets. The last thing I want is to come to the end of the contract and find myself in this position again. Or, for that matter, find myself in the incredibly unfortunate position of "not being a good fit" again.


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