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Standing up for my two-year old: Weenie, Part Two

Here’s the story: S and I were at Whole Foods the other day. The store wasn’t particularly busy, and I generally let her run around (we’ll call it moderately wild) as long as there aren’t a billion people and she’s not breaking things or hurting anyone. Most of our fellow Whole Foods patrons reacted with... Read more »

The New Hyde Park

It’s fascinating how quickly projects like Harper Court come together, isn’t it? Last summer, we were looking at a giant hole in the ground, and today… In the name of blog research and Hyde Park community, I’m testing out each new business as it opens. Akira? Mostly clothes for young people (or less-than-very-young people who... Read more »

Hyde Park: Let's Do This

Alright, Hyde Park. I’ve got to tell you, I almost cashed it in. After my dramatic entry a few weeks ago, I got lots of notes — emails, voicemails, texts (a few comments — thanks!) — all sympathizing, all offering thoughts on what’s going on in Hyde Park, why crime is up, why we’re not... Read more »

Simple Living: Week 1

Have you checked out your freezer lately? People, you might be shocked at what’s hanging around in there. We don’t eat meat (we’re not vegetarians, I just don’t buy or cook meat…almost ever), and there were 2 whole chickens, a 10 lb box of pre-shaped burger patties, and seemingly endless meaty odds and ends in... Read more »

Grown-Up BFF's

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friendship and particularly about how lucky I am to have close friendships as an adult. When I was a kid, growing up on Army bases from hither to yon, friendship was a slippery thing, kids coming and going all the time, and us without the internet to make... Read more »

I Believe in Santa Claus

This is really silly, but I kind of believe in Santa Claus. Wednesday morning, I was listening to 93.9 (WLIT…the station known for much of the year for its infamous host Dee-liii-lah). I’ve been pretty into the holiday spirit this year, shopping like crazy (you’re welcome, economy), wrapping presents, baking, and trying to hit every... Read more »

Chivalry, Manners, and Riding the Bus

To the nineteen-year old boy/man riding the 172 yesterday morning 8:15ish: when a woman with a small child gets on the bus, you should offer her your seat. I know, it’s 2011, and women should be willing to stand on the bus if we want to earn equal pay and be President and whatnot. But... Read more »


I am thankful for my life. I’m thankful for B and S, for my mom and dad and my sisters. I’m thankful for Hyde Park, this neighborhood that is my home. I’m thankful for my house, and for my job that pays for my house, and for the bookshelves that line its walls and the... Read more »

Contest! Get your contest here!

Alright, lurkers: I know you’re there. I can hear you breathing. Have you been reading this blog for months without commenting? Have you just stumbled upon this page through the sheer power of serendipity and suddenly found yourself in the happy position of being eligible to win a prize?! I am attending an event next... Read more »

Half of WHAT??

I ran Chicago’s Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve run three marathons and innumerable other, shorter distances, but this was my first race since having S 6 months ago. If you have children and any hobby whatsoever, you know that it can be difficult to make time for said hobby while also being, you know, a... Read more »