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Hello, Nasty: A Rant

It took me a solid 2 years to adjust to living in the city. The noise and the dirt, the general hubbub, the ratio of a-holes to kind, civil humans. Some might argue that Hyde Park is hardly the city and, fin many ways, I’m inclined to agree. Until yesterday, in fact, I honest to... Read more »

Lower Electricity: B's Guest Post

Anyone who knows B sees all the obvious reasons I married him: he’s interesting and super fun, smart, dependable, generous, thoughtful, and he has the easiest laugh (by far) of anyone I’ve ever met. The list goes on and on — I’m lucky to have him in my life, and crazy lucky to call him... Read more »

Simply Fun: Shari's Guest Post

I am certainly not getting any awards for timely posting of blogs this week, so without further ado, Shari: Shari Schmidt writes about finding fun things to do with the family at Get Out and have Fun Around Chicagoland and about life with twins at Two Times the Fun. When she’s not blogging, she’s a... Read more »

How to Shop Simply

My, but simple living is different this year. August, for one, is back to school time, which you might think isn’t pertinent to me since my toddler is not entering the hallowed halls of any local elementary this fall. You’d be wrong. S is 18 months, which means she has suddenly grown long limbs and... Read more »

God Whispers Along the River: Pam's Guest Post

Welcome Pam to Hello Hyde Park! Pam’s content is a bit of a divergence here on Hello Hyde Park, and, if we’re being honest, a bit of a divergence for me. While I appreciate the tradition and community of organized religion, I am not a Christian and am, in fact, easy to provoke into religious... Read more »

5 things you can do to simplify...your kitchen

Buy it in bulk. There are a lot of ways to do this: some people love Costco, others love the bins at Whole Foods. Amazon subscribe and save is a great option with good prices and the convenience factor of having something delivered on a schedule. S sleeps in disposable diapers, so we have a... Read more »

Namaste: Lara's Guest Post

Welcome Lara to Hello Hyde Park! You all know I’ve asked a few friends to share their thoughts on simple living, and I’m happy to introduce Lara, whose post has me breathing a little more deeply already… About Lara: Lara lives with her husband and 2-year-old son in Lakeview. She enjoys baking, running, reading and... Read more »

5 things you can do to with a toddler

Put her shoes on in the car. She’s trapped. She’s still. You have, for once, the upper hand. Get a mudroom. Do it however it will work for you. What it means for us is a bench outside our front door, stocked with “outside” towels and soap. This isn’t a joke. S has been hosed... Read more »

5 things you can do to simplify…your schedule

Say no to things. Once you say no to one person’s wedding/graduation/bat mitzvah, you have carte blanche to say no to them all. Congratulations, you have your weekends back. Create an urgent/important grid. Some things are urgent and important. Some are one but not the other. Many are neither. Create a grid and assign everything... Read more »

Simple Living Month: Redux

Welcome to Simple Living month. Since having S, I’ve gone from a Chanel-loving, limited-edition-hoarding, mouthwash swiller to a ‘poo-free, sew-my-own-clothes, lentil-eating hippie. Last year, in an effort to identify where we might make additional improvements to our lifestyle, we launched a household initiative: Simple Living month. A year has passed, and we’re at it again.... Read more »