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Hello, Nasty: A Rant

It took me a solid 2 years to adjust to living in the city. The noise and the dirt, the general hubbub, the ratio of a-holes to kind, civil humans. Some might argue that Hyde Park is hardly the city and, fin many ways, I’m inclined to agree. Until yesterday, in fact, I honest to... Read more »

Washington Park Pool

Hey there blog readers. Over the course of 5 years in Hyde Park, I’ve heard a lot of things about nearby Washington Park — I’ve seen it on the news, I’ve learned some of its troubles, I’ve witnessed its cameo appearance in ‘Freakonomics’ (the book, not the movie…there was a movie, right?). And over the... Read more »

31st Street Harbor: Chicago's Best New Playground

I am a distance runner, a regular pounder of the lakefront pavement, and for two years, I’ve been watching with a mix of annoyance and curiosity the construction taking place along the shore around 31st Street. One day, all of a sudden, there was a crane IN THE WATER…or, I realized, atop a newly-created structure... Read more »

Hyde Park Grocery Stores: A Comparison

I should start by offering a few disclaimers: the comparison below isn’t flawless. It was done by hand, by me, occasionally with a sassy 1-year-old in tow. I am, however, reasonably adept at reading price stickers (a skill I developed digging through the clearance racks with my mom for the past, oh, thirty years). You’ll... Read more »

Akira in Hyde Park: What Does this Mean?

By now, you’ve seen the news: hip Chicago-based retailer Akira is opening a “flagship” (read: huge) store this fall in the old Borders building on 53rd street. I have a lot of thoughts on this, most of them really positive, though I do have one question: Does the market research really indicate there are enough... Read more »

Bonne Sante

I’m a little bit…crunchy. I eat organic. I use baking soda to clean. I don’t use shampoo. And, since S was born, I’ve gotten even crunchier: cloth diapers; homemade laundry detergent; mortal fear of the tripotassium phosphate in my Cheerios. And yet, until this afternoon, I’d never been in Bonne Sante. Imagine my surprise when... Read more »


At my office’s 2011 Christmas party, I sat with our VP, a new Hyde Parker celebrating her one year anniversary in the neighborhood. While chatting, she mentioned Amelia’s and I shrugged. “Never heard of it,” I said. She was flabbergasted. “Never heard of Amelia’s? But everyone who’s IN THE KNOW in Hyde Park goes to... Read more »

3 Fun Ways to Spend Cold Days (in Hyde Park)

Earlier this week, I promised a post about my new perspective on Hyde Park now that I am a mostly-at-home mom. Wait no more — here are 3 cool Hyde Park things S and I have been up to over the past two weeks. During the day Istria is blessedly, gorgeously quiet. I took S... Read more »

Hyde Park Stop Signs!

Thank the lord! For years, the corner of Cornell and Hyde Park Boulevard (5100 S) has been a nightmare. Try to cross on foot and you’re doomed, doomed further if (God help you), you’re on foot with a stroller. Turning left onto westbound Hyde Park Blvd was an exercise in guts, not driving ability. But... Read more »

A Very Hyde Park Halloween

I had forgotten how much fun trick-or-treat is. For the past fifteen Halloweens, I’ve handed out candy, or I’ve gotten dressed to the nines and gone to a party, or, on a couple of occasions, we’ve hosted a party at our house, staying indoors and ignoring the sounds of wee revelers on the street. Yesterday... Read more »