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Hello, Nasty: A Rant

It took me a solid 2 years to adjust to living in the city. The noise and the dirt, the general hubbub, the ratio of a-holes to kind, civil humans. Some might argue that Hyde Park is hardly the city and, fin many ways, I’m inclined to agree. Until yesterday, in fact, I honest to... Read more »

Hyde Park: Let's Do This

Alright, Hyde Park. I’ve got to tell you, I almost cashed it in. After my dramatic entry a few weeks ago, I got lots of notes — emails, voicemails, texts (a few comments — thanks!) — all sympathizing, all offering thoughts on what’s going on in Hyde Park, why crime is up, why we’re not... Read more »

Sweet Home Chicago

Well hello, Hyde Park. It’s been a month since you last heard from me, and I’ve been buried deep in a pit of work crises, nap resistance (S, not me), and overanalysis. August, as you might remember, is simple living month around these parts, and since this is the interweb, where truth reigns, I should... Read more »

Chicago Violence: Shootings in Hyde Park

Here’s a really frank admission: last year, when a young man was gunned down just blocks from my home, I wasn’t that surprised. I was scared, sure, and had a few days of feeling anxious and wondering whether city living was really right for me or my kid. But here’s the honest-to-God truth: it happened... Read more »

Local School Council Elections

It’s not a secret (nor is it a reasonable topic for a concise blog post) that our education system is in terrible need of reform. Small changes take big effort, and the problems are so pervasive, with such deep roots, that I, for one, often feel completely stymied, powerless to make any kind of difference.... Read more »

Dear Chicago Police: Thanks for Nothing

I recently witnessed a crime. Because this crime was relatively serious, and because I might have mild paranoiac tendencies to begin with, I’m not going to go into any details here about the incident itself. What I’m going to share with you instead is my experience with the Chicago Police Department. I would not say... Read more »

Hyde Park Liquor Licensing: Why This is a Big Deal

You’ve probably noticed the relative dearth of bars in Hyde Park. And you may have wondered why this is — why can I, an able-bodied adult, get a beer at approximately 3 places only, and why are these places scattered about the neighborhood? Do I really need a MEMBERSHIP to get in? Is that even... Read more »

Hyde Park Grocery Stores: A Comparison

I should start by offering a few disclaimers: the comparison below isn’t flawless. It was done by hand, by me, occasionally with a sassy 1-year-old in tow. I am, however, reasonably adept at reading price stickers (a skill I developed digging through the clearance racks with my mom for the past, oh, thirty years). You’ll... Read more »

Akira in Hyde Park: What Does this Mean?

By now, you’ve seen the news: hip Chicago-based retailer Akira is opening a “flagship” (read: huge) store this fall in the old Borders building on 53rd street. I have a lot of thoughts on this, most of them really positive, though I do have one question: Does the market research really indicate there are enough... Read more »

Hyde Park Stop Signs!

Thank the lord! For years, the corner of Cornell and Hyde Park Boulevard (5100 S) has been a nightmare. Try to cross on foot and you’re doomed, doomed further if (God help you), you’re on foot with a stroller. Turning left onto westbound Hyde Park Blvd was an exercise in guts, not driving ability. But... Read more »