This Weekend in Hyde Park (Aug 4-5)

Hello Hyde Park!

The scoop on this weekend:

Saturday, August 4th (a scorcher, they say)
SMART Museum Family Day
1 pm - 4pm
Free? Check. Appropriate for toddlers? Check. Kind of messy? Check. Totally fun? Check.
Be there or be square.

Rahm's Readers Grand Finale
1 pm
Blackstone Library
Also free, also appropriate for toddlers (kids up to 14). Not messy, but in the air conditioning and also, obviously, revolving around reading, which is important. AND FUN.

All Weekend
MSI's Summer Brain Games
This is week 7 of an 8 week, totally free MSI program that encourages families to do some exploring and experimenting this summer. For older kids (ahem, and dorky adults), this is an AWESOME way to stay mentally engaged and intellectually stimulated (the name of the program is, of course, a play on the 'brain drain' struggles of schoolchildren).
Enroll before it's too late!

Grant Park
Alright. If you've got tickets to Lolla, plus sunglasses, earplugs, and a youthful spirit, more power to you. Enjoy. If Lolla sounds like your worst nightmare (hot, sweaty, noisy), it's the perfect weekend to stay close to home. Traffic last night was already insane, with gawkers craning their necks to check out the giant tv's, stages, and general hullabaloo (note to self: plan a Hullabaloo!). I can only expect that it will get worse...and worse...and worse. So, although my guiding principle re: driving in Chicago is to avoid the highway at all costs, I'll be veering westward this weekend for any downtown adventures.

Have a good one, Hyde Park!

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