This Weekend in Hyde Park (Aug 11-12)

Whew. A big weekend on the South Side, with lots of free fun.

Bud Billiken
Saturday, Aug 11
Starts at 10 am
I wrote about the parade and its history last year, so I'll keep it brief here. It's kind of a big deal, which, if you've lived here longer than a minute, you already know. There were rumors the president would lead, but word on the street (and the interwebs) is that someone from his office will be there in his stead.

Hyde Park Parents Support Network Ice Cream Social
Saturday, Aug 11
Hyde Park Art Center
If you're a parent NOT involved with PSN, it's high time you made your presence known. Mostly for those of us with relatively wee ones, it's a great organization (full disclosure: I think it's so great I joined the board) that coordinates playgroups and serves as a resource for neighborhood parents. Saturday brings an opportunity for parents to come together, get to know one another in a group setting that is pretty rare for this (largely online) community, and eat ice cream.

Saturday, Aug 11
Hyde Park
President Obama returns home for a birthday celebration. I'm not invited, and I'm fairly certain most of your invitations got lost in the mail as well. I hear the USPS is having trouble, so let's chalk it up to that. Birthday gift suggestions: a massage (a stressful time for the prez) or basketball shoes (vintage high tops, maybe!). Avoid the 51st and Greenwood area, unless you think it's cool to have to show your ID to cross the street.

Sunday, Aug 12
Olympic Marathon (Men's)
NBC in your living room
6:30 am (NOT the start time...the time you should tune in)
I know, I know. It's early. But listen! Ryan Hall is so much fun to watch, and, though there are Kenyans and Ethiopians to contend with (among other less likely countries), Team USA has an outside chance and your support could make the difference! Well, not really, but if we win, you won't want to have missed it.

Sunday, Aug 12
Mummies at the Oriental Institute
1-3 pm
Educational goodness for your weekly dose of UChicago-related fun. For kids 5+, featuring a short film and a gallery tour. Prep your kids for Halloween and/or tp-ing season (is that even a thing in Chicago?).

And that should be plenty to keep you all busy this weekend! Until next time, enjoy your weekend, Hyde Park!

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