Simple Living: Week 1

Have you checked out your freezer lately? People, you might be shocked at what's hanging around in there. We don't eat meat (we're not vegetarians, I just don't buy or cook meat...almost ever), and there were 2 whole chickens, a 10 lb box of pre-shaped burger patties, and seemingly endless meaty odds and ends in our freezer when I inventoried this weekend. To simplify both our grocery list and my meal planning, we're starting our dinners with the contents of the freezers, which means I'll be canning vegetable and chicken broth this weekend, and it will be a protein-packed few weeks for us (seriously -- where did all this meat come from?).

We're also trying to cut back on electricity (easier said than done), and I'm trying to be really thoughtful about making decisions that genuinely do make my life simpler. It requires a lot of forethought that sometimes I'm unable to give -- two good examples: yesterday, I got home from work late and planned on making enchiladas for dinner. But between the prep and the cooking, it would have been bedtime before dinner was ready. So we went to Clarke's. At the time, it was the simpler decision, but if I'd given it more consideration in advance, I would have realized I was cutting it close and planned something quicker for dinner.

Example two: we ran out of all-purpose cleaner this week. (Reminder: we have a toddler!) I use Dr. Bronner's to make our usual cleaner and we were out of that, too. When I got to Trader Joe's on Monday, I remembered that they don't sell Dr. B's. So it was either make another stop (on a tight timeline with a moderately cranky child), or buy cleaner at TJ's. I opted for the latter.

I'm a work in progress, for sure. I made my sister's birthday gift this week and am planning on simplifying further over the next couple of days by purging S's closet and checking out the 'barter' section on Craigslist. This last is pretty terrifying, but I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you!

Til next time!

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