Simple Living Month: Redux

Welcome to Simple Living month. Since having S, I’ve gone from a Chanel-loving, limited-edition-hoarding, mouthwash swiller to a ‘poo-free, sew-my-own-clothes, lentil-eating hippie. Last year, in an effort to identify where we might make additional improvements to our lifestyle, we launched a household initiative: Simple Living month.

A year has passed, and we’re at it again. August is simple living month in our house, and I’ve invited family and friends to participate. This month, you’ll see guest blogs from people with all sorts of backgrounds: some new to simple living, some old hat. I’ve asked everyone to approach the challenge with an open mind and a willingness to experiment, fail, and, yes, return to their old ways if the new ones don’t make life, well…simpler.

Simple living can be about anything you want it to be: getting rid of clutter (the junk that takes up space in your home or your personal life); purging your body or your house of toxins; making things you’d usually buy; spending time doing things that are satisfying.

In the twelve months that have passed since we last embarked on a simple living mission, here are some of the changes we’ve made to our household:

--I’ve started making all our household cleaners – it’s so easy, they work just as well, and I don’t have to worry about S getting into something poisonous.

--We’ve stopped wearing conventional deodorant. Again, easy. I make a coconut oil/baking soda/corn starch mix for B (it’s that simple), and I wear nothing. It sounds smelly. It’s not. Come sniff me.

--We’ve cancelled our cable. Makes things more complicated in some ways (the Olympics have required the purchase of an antenna), but easier overall. The budget certainly appreciates it, and, from where I sit, anything that falls under the category of ‘frugal’ gets points toward simplicity.

--Lest you think simple living is all about being crunchy as a kale chip, I’ve also swapped my regular razor and shaving cream for an all-in-one. Shaving cream already attached to the razor? Bring it on. One of the few instances in my simple life when the “convenience” product really is more convenient.

--I make our yogurt, we just made a big bulk order of grains and beans and, yes, lentils, the ubiquitous hippie food that is a staple in our home.

Over the course of the next month, I’ll be sharing some of our new simple living endeavors. Making cottage cheese, swapping, and improving my skills as a seamstress are all on the list. And if you have ideas for how we might all simplify our lives, I hope you’ll share them in the comments.

And don’t worry, Hyde Park! Some (not all) of these posts will have an HP bent, and several (again, not all!) of my brilliant guest bloggers are Hyde Parkers. Regular Hyde Park happenings will still be here every Friday, and any urgent Hyde Park news will, I’m certain, find its way onto these pages.
Until next time, happy (simple!) living, everyone!

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