Namaste: Lara's Guest Post

Welcome Lara to Hello Hyde Park! You all know I've asked a few friends to share their thoughts on simple living, and I'm happy to introduce Lara, whose post has me breathing a little more deeply already...

About Lara: Lara lives with her husband and 2-year-old son in Lakeview. She enjoys baking, running, reading and building forts out of blankets. Lara is passionate about eating locally, composting, and the Green Bay Packers. Lara


Simply your life! Easily said, not easily done. When Dani originally posed the challenge to do something to simplify my life, nothing really came to mind. I had already done my bi-yearly Salvation Army run and to me, making my own clothes and cleaning supplies sounds so much more complicated than simple (sorry Dani)!

So I began to consider my options. I’ve always wanted to try to sell the unwanted furniture cluttering my basement and dining room on CraigsList, but have been equally unnerved by the prospect of having a complete stranger come to my house, so I quickly crossed that off my list. I just recently got hooked on TiVo, so getting rid of cable is not an option and probably grounds for divorce in my husband’s mind. Next, I considered committing to finishing leftovers in the frig and every last CSA vegetable in my bi-weekly share to simplify my grocery bill, but the abundance of beets in the box has made that option unenviable…

For me, I decided that simplicity would be to let go of a little bit of parental guilt and focus on regaining a little “me time” each weekend away from my home and family. Before the birth of my son two years ago, I religiously attended the same 90-minute yoga class every week for many years. I felt great after each class, and it was the one time in the week I committed to doing something solely for me. Over the past two years I’ve thought of rejoining my former class, but the timing of it would mean not seeing my son all day and coming home after he fell asleep. Being a bit of a yoga purist, I couldn’t bring myself to take yoga at my gym.

I finally talked myself out of the guilt, put the fears aside, and stepped into the studio for the first time in over two years. I compromised with my inner yogi by finding a studio that was closer to my house, had shorter classes and a more flexible class schedule. As soon as I rested my head in child’s pose at the beginning of class, I felt at home, like I had never left my yoga practice. It felt great, energizing and relaxing at the same time. Better than that, when I got home, it turned out that my husband and son had a great couple of hours at the beach together and didn’t miss me at all.

When I set out to find a way to simplify my life, it meant doing something new, but in practice, it was turning to something that I used to do and got away from, that has led me to finding a pre-mommy piece of myself that we yogis call shanti or inner peace. I may not have quite found it yet, but I’m on my way. Namaste!

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