God Whispers Along the River: Pam's Guest Post

Welcome Pam to Hello Hyde Park! Pam's content is a bit of a divergence here on Hello Hyde Park, and, if we're being honest, a bit of a divergence for me. While I appreciate the tradition and community of organized religion, I am not a Christian and am, in fact, easy to provoke into religious debate. But Pam's simple sentiment, a reminder that each day is a sweet gift, is precisely the influence I'd like to believe religion has on all those who actively practice.

About Pam: Pam has lived in Chicago all her life. She's been married 30 years and has three children. After being a stay-at-home mom for 25 years, she went back to work and began to write for ChicagoNow. You can check out Pam's work here: Being Catholic ... Really.
When I'm home from work, and I have the house to myself, I definitely keep it simple! Coffee in the morning and then I do a little writing. The big "splurge" is my walk. Even though I live in the city I live close to an area of the Chicago River that's truly lovely and I take in all of Mother Nature.

Chicago River

Sometimes when I walk, I take my music and match my pace with the beat. Sometimes I listen to the rosary being recited. But most times, I listen to the sounds of the traffic fade out as I approach the river. If it's windy or a boat passes the river will be moving. You can hear the water gently rushing by.

The birds are usually the most active there, especially the cardinals. I have them by my house and you can hear their distinctive call, but they usually stay high up in the trees. By the river, they swoop low and you can see how bright red the males are and how fat they are from all the wild berries!

And if there is a breeze, I hear my most favorite sound in the world: the trees rustling. I'll stop and listen for a long time. It's like God whispering to me. My thoughts are not far from God, always thankful for what's around me and having the time to enjoy the day.

Then I head back to the house that has been our home for thirty years. Back where my husband and three children will start coming home for dinner.The sounds will change once I'm home, but I will still hear God whispering ever so slightly when I think about the river.

It is His reminder to me that the day was His gift to me.

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