This Weekend in Hyde Park (the NOT Easter edition)

It's Friday, so presumably you've made your holiday plans already (if not, might I suggest a wee egg hunt in your living room/backyard, and a coconut cream pie sometime during the day?). Here are three things to do this weekend that have nothing to do with anyone's resurrection.

Saturday. April 7th
1 pm
Family Day at Smart

Take your kids to see some art! It's free, and it's close.

Sunday. April 8th
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Assisted WoodSHoP with Erik Peterson

The Southside Hub of Production lets you come in and saw some stuff -- bring something wooden and broken or come prepared to make something wooden (and presumably unbroken). $20/hr.

Sunday, April 8th
12 pm - 4 pm
Fun for All at HPAC

More free art for families, also close. (And, I've got to tell ya, a perennial favorite of mine...I love HPAC and always find it super-friendly when I want to take S someplace civilized but not so stuffy that her squeals elicit snotty looks from art afficionados.)

BONUS: All weekend:
Pie at Clarke's Diner.

For those of you who are totally uninterested in producing your own coconut creams, Clarke's has you covered with tasty slices from the dizzying selection in the spinning dessert case of doom. ;) I don't work there, I'm not paid by them, but, hey Clarke's, if you're listening, I accept free pie. Happily.

Happy Easter, Hyde Park!

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