Bonne Sante

I'm a little bit...crunchy.

I eat organic. I use baking soda to clean. I don't use shampoo.

And, since S was born, I've gotten even crunchier: cloth diapers; homemade laundry detergent; mortal fear of the tripotassium phosphate in my Cheerios.

And yet, until this afternoon, I'd never been in Bonne Sante. Imagine my surprise when I finally gave it a whirl today and found Hyde Park's very own mini-Whole Foods, less the mediocre produce, plus no lines!

Here's the scoop: Bonne Sante is a pretty unassuming little storefront next to Mellow Yellow on 53rd Street. You've probably seen its sign, which, frankly, blends in a little with its neighbors. You might have noticed that they offer smoothies -- definitely on my list of to-try's...when it gets warmer. I went in today to buy the ingredients for my very own homemade deodorant (thanks to Crunchy Betty, my girl crush and guru for all things hippie beauty), and S and I really just wandered about for a good thirty minutes, finding about half of the things we were looking for (we might have found them all but it was nearing naptime and I didn't want to risk a meltdown).

There's a decent natural-beauty selection, including a hefty Tom's display, some Hugo Naturals and Pacifica products (among at least a dozen other recognizable brands), and a good selection of local products, too.

You can also buy: your lunch; chia seeds; ten different kinds of juice; pretty much any supplement under the sun; milk from more animals/vegetables/minerals than you knew could produce it; and about a zillion other things you probably didn't know you were looking for.

Our cashier was lovely: chatty and sweet (my favorite type), and exactly the kind of salesperson I'd want working for me. The kind of salesperson who makes occasional customers into regulars.

And let's face it: at this rate, I might as well move in. Now if only I could figure out what, exactly, to do with these hemp seeds...

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