3 Fun Ways to Spend Cold Days (in Hyde Park)

Earlier this week, I promised a post about my new perspective on Hyde Park now that I am a mostly-at-home mom. Wait no more -- here are 3 cool Hyde Park things S and I have been up to over the past two weeks.

During the day Istria is blessedly, gorgeously quiet. I took S there a few afternoons ago (I had a delicious hot chocolate -- did you know their hot chocolate is served with little chocolate coins on a little silver spoon?! -- all hot chocolate should come with a side of candy), and let her toddle about, into and out of HPAC. No one seemed annoyed by her occasional squeals, and we had an awesome hour there together.

Tot lot! Tot lot is basically a Neighborhood Club/Baby PhD sponsored play group, hosted in the gym. S and I went last week for the first time and we had a blast -- lots of kids, mostly early walkers, running about, playing and falling on each other like happy puppies. Most of the grown-ups in the room seemed to be nannies, and all were uber-friendly (one woman scooped S up on her lap for a pony ride when she looked longingly at her bouncing knee). This is Hyde Park at its finest: friendly people, a sense of community (there was no highbrow intellectual discussion, but let's assume we all did that over dinner later in the day).

Also, S kissed an older boy named Gus and, for the first time, was the pursued, not the pursuer, when an older girl followed her around, tugging at her sleeve. (Is it strange that I felt oddly proud and a little cool?)

MSI. Thank goodness we finally bought our membership! And just in the nick of time, too. We went last weekend to the Seuss exhibit and it was l'awesome. S pretty much walked around touching the brightly-colored fish on the walls (and people's jeans), but B and I were fascinated by all of Geisel's other work (we were particularly (we're not weird) fascinated by the taxidermy). This exhibit is closed now, but there is so much to do there that I expect to take S once a week. Plus, coming soon? MYTHBUSTERS, the exhibit. How cool is that?

Of course, there are days like today, too, when the only reasonable course of action for dealing with temperatures in the teens and an unplowed driveway is to commit to pajamas for the day...

Assuming it's not one of those days, what do you like to do in the wintertime, Hyde Parkers?

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  • When my son was born, he and I took nature walks in the snow (he being bundled up in a stroller that was enclosed). There are few things as beautiful as a walk on Wooded Island and through Bobolink Meadow after a new snow.

    On the indoor side of things, my kids and I like to have picnics in fun Hyde Park places: 1) at the warming center at the Midway skating rink; 2) at the South Shore Cultural Center (phenomenally beautiful after a snow, even though not technically Hyde Park); 3) any number of campus locations; and 4) at SMART museum, just to name a few. My kids call them adventures.

  • In reply to Steve:

    Ohh, this is a good reminder. I love the South Shore Cultural Center and it really is gorgeous. A short drive and ample parking, too!

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