I am thankful for my life. I’m thankful for B and S, for my mom and dad and my sisters. I’m thankful for Hyde Park, this neighborhood that is my home. I'm thankful for my house, and for my job that pays for my house, and for the bookshelves that line its walls and the books that fill those shelves. I’m thankful for the authors who gave themselves to those stories, and who gave those stories to me. I’m thankful for pecan pie. And pumpkin. And apple and French silk and the good sense to put all sorts of delicious things into crust and call it pie. I’m thankful for warm sweatpants and warm fires and warm hugs. For slobbery kisses. For squeals of happiness. For my health, and for the health of the people I love, and after that, for living in a place where, despite arguments to the contrary, health care is reasonably accessible. And beyond that, I'm thankful that we are a species that continues to evolve, that hundreds of years ago we lacked medical advances and technological advances and on and on and that today we grow and tomorrow we'll grow more. I'm thankful for Ryan Gosling (not as thankful as I am for B). I'm thankful for good movies and bad tv. I'm thankful for my legs and I'm so thankful I discovered the way I was born to use them. I'm thankful I'm not tortoise-slow, though even if I was, I'd still be thankful I run. I'm thankful for the New York Times Sunday crossword and for my ability to complete it. I'm thankful for grace and faith, for confidence and support, for easy smiles and hard work. I'm thankful for possibility and thankful for the chutzpah to seize an opportunity. Thankful I grew up in a household that was filled with love and brownies and (mostly small) challenges. Thankful that S will grow up the same way. Thankful that enough people have said to me over the past year how fast it goes that I've actually heard them, and thankful that my guiltless response has been to play on the floor, to start every morning with cuddles, and to be late to work whenever walking out the front door would have meant missing something -- anything -- that I would have been sorry to miss. I'm thankful for cool breezes and snow days and sunshine, but I'll forget about this last for a few months since I may not see it anytime soon. I'm thankful for my friends -- the ones I have now who are my sounding board, never-fail pick-me-up, shopping partners, eating partners, drinking partners, day in and day out; the ones I've had, who helped me become this person, even if this person is no longer in their lives; and the ones I'll have next, for whatever they bring me, and for whatever they let me bring them (and I hope it's cookies). I'm thankful for getting comfortable: in my relationships, in my pjs, in my skin, and I'm thankful for B (again), who's helped me do these things in ways big and small over the past decade, and for S (again), who I know will turn me into the kind of mama she needs and will be proud to have.

And I'm thankful for this silly blog, which maybe isn't changing the world, but which is fun to write and gives me the impetus to get it all down, get it all out, and document this much-abridged list of things for which I should remember but too often forget to express gratitude.

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    I'm thankful for my wonderful wife. She's always by my side and I can't imagine my life without her.

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