Contest! Get your contest here!

Alright, lurkers: I know you're there. I can hear you breathing.

Have you been reading this blog for months without commenting? Have you just stumbled upon this page through the sheer power of serendipity and suddenly found yourself in the happy position of being eligible to win a prize?!

I am attending an event next Friday, November 18th (7-10 pm) and want YOU to come with me. The event is a holiday shopping excursion (yes!) sponsored by Neighborhood Parents Network and held at Flirty Girl Fitness. Great food by The Drawing Room, cocktail tasting with Koval Distillery, mini-manicures, cash bar, demo classes by Flirty Girl Fitness, mini putt-putt from General Cigar Company, and unreal raffle packages. Plus, fancy-pants photographers will be there to a) take head shots (for your pending modeling contract) and b) get candids of you (certain to make this year's Xmas cards a hit!).

Entering this contest (rules below) will get you one SPECIAL VIP TICKET, including a goody bag chock full of awesomeness. Here's a sample (and only a sample!) of what's in it: $25 gift certificate to The Drawing Room; $10 gift certificate for Building Blocks Toy Store; $15 of Eco-friendly beauty products courtesy of Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa (if you don't want this, I'll take it!); and a Flirty Girl Fitness class certificate & boa!

Admittedly, this is probably more geared toward the lady readers than the men folk. BUT, gentlemen, I'm sure the woman in your life would be happy to know you were thinking of her by entering this contest in her name!

So here are the rules:
You get one entry for leaving a comment.

You get a bonus entry for each of the following:
* retweeting any tweets I send related to this contest
* linking to this blog post in a tweet of your own, on your own blog, or on your FB page (let me know through the appropriate mechanism that you've done this!)
* getting a friend to subscribe to the blog in the brand-spanking-new "subscribe by email" box you see to the right here (your friend will have to comment and mention your name)

I'll use randomizer to choose a winner and will contact you Monday, November 14th to let you know you've won. And I'll see you next Friday at the event!

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  • oooo - fun giveaway!

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    This is definitely one contest I will share, although I secretly hope to win it, myself! I love this blog!

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    Spreading the word, I want to win!

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    Yay! I love contests! Especially when the prize includes shopping!!

  • Great contest! Passing the word.

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    Great sample goodies! I want to win!

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    i love your blog! :-) i blogged about you and shared it on FB. :-) fingers crossed! (i never win anything)

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    Great idea for a contest! I will get the word out.

  • Thanks to everyone who's entered so far! I'm still accepting entries through tomorrow (Sunday the 13th) at 11:59 PM CST.

  • Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Nellie32 was our big winner, so I'm looking forward to our rendez-vous Friday night. The really good news is that the event is open to all and free! Though the rest of us won't be VIPs like nellie32, if you're interested in attending, shoot an email to and we can make arrangements.
    Thanks for reading!

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