This Weekend in Hyde Park

Hello Blog Readers. I’m hopeful that I will soon have a calendar widget to compile Hyde Park happenings. I may still highlight upcoming events, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an at-a-glance place to go to find something interesting to do in HP? Until then, here’s what’s up this weekend:

1) PUMPKIN PATCH! As you all know, I am fall-crazy, and I’m delighted to have a pint-sized (that’s a baby, not a beer) excuse to go to Nichols Park tomorrow in the midst of fall fun. There will be a pumpkin patch for sure, but there may also be: a petting zoo! A bouncy castle! And treats! (I hope there are treats.) Saturday, 11-3. Free.

2) Oktoberfest. I know. Could this weekend get any better? Right next to Nichols Park, meaning you can get a boatload of fun facing north AND south. This is more for the grown-up set, with music, dancing, and food (aha! Here are my treats…). Saturday, 11-8. Free.

3) Comer’s Kids Classic. For all you runners, walkers, and skippers (please, someone come skip…), the Comer Kids Classic 5k is Sunday morning, starting at the UChicago Quad and traveling east on 57th Street. It’s a laid-back race, chock full of chitlins, and for a good cause (Comer is the Children’s Hospital, don’t ya know). If you’re not looking for an excuse to get active, meander down and spectate. 57th Street will be closed, so don’t count on parking there. Sunday, 9 am. $35 to enter. Free to watch.

4) Doc Films. Tonight begins the Woody Allen retrospective. Seriously, this weekend is my dream. Starts with 'Manhattan' and goes through the season, featuring a different Allen flick every Friday. Friday, 7, 9, and 11 pm. $5 (which is practically free)

There’s also a new exhibit opening at the Hyde Part Art Center Sunday, which I’ll look forward to reporting on later this fall. Plus, the Bears are playing a game they might actually win, and the weather looks…well, mediocre, but I’ll take mediocre over a blizzard or a tornado any day. See you around Hyde Parkers!


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    Hey There;

    I just found out about your blog from your PSN post. I am looking forward to following it. Great idea.

    Gotta run now to Eduardos (how Hyde park...) to pick up our pizza!

    See you soon!


  • Thanks for reading Peter!

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