Should Money Be Able to Purchase Political Office?

Our Illinois gubernatorial race is turning into a money fest. In the last election, Bruce Rauner, the current nincompoop, spent approximately $65.3M on his race.  And it has just been announced that Ken Griffin, the Citadel hedge fund CEO, has just given Rauner’s campaign fund $20M. Now, it looks like the Democrats are going to... Read more »

Did Jill Stein ruin it for HRC?

If we examine the vote totals in three key states, we can see that HRC lost to Trump by a total electoral vote of 74 votes. The breakdown is as follows: Michigan Trump           2,268,839 Clinton           2,279,543 Stein                   51,463   Wisconsin Trump         1,403,694 Clinton        1,380,823 Stein               30,934   Pennsylvania Trump          2,912,000 Clinton         2,844,705 Stein                 46,912 So, roughly 80.000 votes... Read more »

Where are Our Ethics?

Kim Foxx will become the Cook County State’s Attorney even though she has received money from a law firm which does a great deal of business with the States Attorney. She has been paid by the influential law firm of Powers Rogers and Smith. This law firm does a great deal of business with Cook... Read more »

Don’t Do It, Hillary!

She is going to debate Trump on Monday. What a grievous mistake. She should be spending her time on the campaign trail, shoring up the swing states. Instead, because of bad advice, I presume, she is going to make Trump look presidential before an audience of millions. This is exactly the same mistake she made... Read more »

The Sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange

I am appalled at the recent announcement of the sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to a Chinese investor group. What has happened to our government? Is there no one in Washington with a functioning brain? It is one of the oldest exchanges in the US and while it is not the biggest, it is... Read more »

What really needs to be done to reform ethics in our local, state, and national governments

The reason that most people go into politics is twofold—power and money. They know if they can grasp the power, they will come away with the money. If we are ever going to solve this horrible situation, we must do the following. We must enact term limits at every level. Once a political official becomes... Read more »