Movie review and giveaway: It's Not You, It's Me


A romantic comedy that shows what really goes through our heads when we break up

A romantic comedy that shows what really goes through our heads when we break up

Have you ever watched a romantic comedy where the characters are perfect for each other but for some reason they break up, have to find themselves, and then get back together in a typical Hollywood happy ending? Well this movie is kind of like that. But it doesn't fast forward through anything. It's Not You, It's Me shows us exactly what goes on in the minds of our male and female protagonists during each stage of the breakup process.

Dave, played by Ross McCall, is an attractive 30-something who is clearly in love with Carrie. They are perfect for each other. But Dave is, sadly (and typically), a commitment-phobe. Marriage is just not in the cards for him. So we see his inner voices literally argue over the decision to break off his ideal 2-year relationship and start over. For Dave, his inner voices are played by Beth Littleford, his lone female touchstone; Daniel Berson, his depressing existential worrier; Ary Katz, his womanizing influence; Jake Elliott, his 6-year old self afraid of abandonment; and Alex Petrovitch, his financially responsible voice. All of them battle to steer Dave in their own direction and assert their influence over his decisions.

On the other hand, Carrie, played by Joelle Carter is dealing with her own inner voices while she struggles to make it past their break up and move on with someone else in LA. Vivica A. Fox is her inner "Samantha"; Jessica York plays her inner bully telling her to get in shape or else she's going to end up a spinster; Abby Miller is the inner "crazy" that all men must think we possess; Darin Heames is her inner zenmaster; and Alina Foley of The League fame plays Carrie's inner child hoping to grow up as a princess and meet her knight in shining armor.

This film was such an interesting and unique take on a breakup. Even though we know Dave is making the wrong choice, we find ourselves rooting for him while he comes to terms with his decision and figures out that he's pretty fucked up. With a little modern medicine provided by Friends' Maggie Wheeler (OH. MY. GOD.) we hope that Dave helps himself in time to make things right.

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