An Interview with Yellow Red Sparks

An Interview with Yellow Red Sparks
This California trio is hitting up the Elbo Room on July 19th!

With a little help from the internet, I've recently started listening to Yellow Red Sparks, a trio from California currently on tour and hitting up Chicago in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited to meet the band at their upcoming Elbo Room show and, in preparation, I got to ask them a few questions via email!

HTMIIC: What's the coolest place you've ever played? "Cool" could be because of the audience, the venue, the city. What sticks out in your mind the most?
YRS: There are two places that really stick out. The first was Space in Evanston, IL. They have the coolest vibe that I've ever experienced from a venue. The entire set up is unique. They have an amazing staff that feeds and takes care of everything really well and they have tables with chairs and candles, so everyone is sitting and the sound is fantastic. The other is Lawrence High School in Kansas. We basically rolled into Lawrence at 10am exhausted, but were greeted by the coolest film class and their wonderful teacher named Jeff. We played an acoustic set and answered some very well thought out questions. Unforgettable experience.

HTMIIC: What was the best thing you received for a gig in lieu of money? what was the worst?
YRS:Best thing to receive is food and drinks. Worst thing to receive is tap water and PBR.

HTMIIC: What song do you think the ladies usually swoon for? What do the bros usually request?
YRS:A lot of women are drawn to the song "Happiness Comes In A Box", because I think the first line, "I'll make you happy" gets their attention. The bros always love "My Machine Gun".

HTMIIC: Who are some of your biggest influencers when you're writing music, past and present?
YRS: Most of the music that my parents were listening to. Anywhere from The Smiths and Husker Du to Ella Fitzgerald and Bob Dylan. I think all of us were influenced by bands like Nirvana, Radiohead and Wilco.

HTMIIC: When I hear your music, I feel like it would be perfect as a fadeout on a show like Friday Night Lights. If you could choose one show that your music would be featured on, what would it be?
YRS: Haha. That's cool. I'm not sure, but anything on HGTV or Food Network would be nice. Breaking Bad or Fringe would be pretty amazing as well.

HTMIIC: Now that there are 3 total band members, how has the music writing process changed for you? Do you find that you collaborate well together? Is one person stronger at lyrics or writing the melody?
YRS: The writing process hasn't changed at all yet, because all of the songs from the record were written prior to Goldy and Sara Lynn ever joined. I think I'll definitely always be the one that writes the lyrics and the majority of the melodies, but I'm also open to collaborating and seeing where it goes for the next record.

HTMIIC: If you could collaborate with anyone performing today, who would it be?
YRS: That's tough. I'd love to write with Fiona Apple or Damien Rice. It would most likely be somewhere in that vein.

HTMIIC: What would you be doing if you weren't playing music?
YRS: Working for the post office.

After hearing of a love for Food Network, wanting to collaborate with Damien Rice, and a mutual disgust of PBR, you can bet I'm more excited than ever to check out this show. Tickets are $10, the show is on July 19th, and you can find all of the information here.

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