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Overweight in a bathing suit

Overweight in a bathing suit
It was hot Sunday.  The first nice weekend day we have had since summer started.  I knew it before they asked.  I was not looking forward to this day. Each time they had been to pool this year, their sitter had taken them, now they wanted me to take them. How could I tell them... Read more »

Social media through Grandpa's eyes

Social media through Grandpa's eyes
I am lucky enough to work from home, and today when I went upstairs, to check in on my dad, and see if he needed anything, he asked me if I can show him how to go back to what just flashed across the bottom of the T.V. (rewind our DVR) “Sure dad, no problem”... Read more »

If it's not your business then keep your mouth shut!

Stop right there! If it’s not your business, then keep your mouth shut. I don’t come to your house, and pick out your clothes in the morning, just because I don’t like the way you dress, so don’t give me your advice if I didn’t ask for it! In a world of very public opinion,... Read more »
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    Krazy Kmoch

    Thanks for stopping in to read a bit about me. I am 38. I have been married for 13 years to my high school sweetheart. We have 3 children in elementary school and moved in with my parents temporarily, nine years ago. Every day here is an adventure. My goal here is to take these adventures and turn them into learning opportunities for myself and my family. I hope that posting my not so private failures and successes publicly might help make a difference for someone along the way. If not then at least I hope I made you smile.

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