Social media through Grandpa's eyes

Social media through Grandpa's eyes

I am lucky enough to work from home, and today when I went upstairs, to check in on my dad, and see if he needed anything, he asked me if I can show him how to go back to what just flashed across the bottom of the T.V. (rewind our DVR)

"Sure dad, no problem" I said as he handed me the remote.  "It's probably a weather warning"

"No" he said.  "Ellen is giving her audience a chance to win a trip to Australia and we are supposed to pay attention and watch for clues.

This is what he saw...

Facebook-logo-1817834.pngtwitteryou tubeinstagram

"Do any of those things mean anything to you?" he said with excitement when I paused the T.V.

I challenge you to explain all four pictures and what they mean better than this.

Facebook - a social media website, you know that place on your kindle, where I show you pictures of Tina and the kids

Twitter - a place where people can say whatever they want, but it can't be longer than one sentence

You Tube - a place to watch videos people make

Instagram - a place to share all your pictures for people to see

I don't think my dad will be asking me any questions in the near future.  I also shutter to think about what kind of questions I will ask my kids.

Good luck to all of us!

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